Urban Outfitters and Reason Clothing Busted for Design Theft

Urban Outfitters has a lengthy history of stealing designs and printing them on a crappy low quality blank via Reason Clothing.  It has happened to the best of us: Johnny Cupcakes had his design ripped, they even stole Brian Litchenberg's original HOMIES design.  Now they have crossed the line and messed with my brand. 

Reason Clothing is the source behind all of this design theft.  They have been stealing designs for years and fraudulently claiming the designs as their own.  Reason then seeks out retailers whom the real designers would never place their product in, such as Urban Outfitters and sells the stolen design.  This cheapens the original designer’s brand and creates confusion amongst consumers.

In June 2012, after YSL announced the re-branding a’la Saint Laurent, I came up with the slogan ‘Ain’t Laurent Without Yves’. As a joke I put it on a t-shirt and immediately had several people asking me where they could get one — I quickly tossed up an e-commerce site for pre-orders.  I even trademarked the slogan in order to prevent others from stealing what I had created. Sadly some people feel that they are above the law and therefore they must reap what they have sewn. 

Here’s a side by side of the REAL vs FAKE.  Brian Litchenberg’s real HOMIES design is on top and Reason’s sh*tty version below. 



When I first learned that Reason had ripped my ‘Ain’t Laurent' design I tried to be civil, I called up Reason's founder Phil Basis.  He gave me a load of BS and promised to not sell the design and that he would pull all current inventory.  Being the unoriginal PUSSY that he is Phil said one thing to my face and did a completely dick move behind my back. To date he has not made good upon his word. 

Well Phil, enough is enough, if you need to steal designs then get out of the game.  Or better yet I will file a multi-million dollar lawsuit in conjunction with brand’s like Brian Litchenberg’s and put you and your lame ass company out of business.

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